Medical Community Development
617 S. Olive Street, Suite 711, Los Angeles, CA.


Maximizing resources through effective planning and execution

Building a hospital or senior care community is a complex process that requires a high level of expertise. Certain regulatory, compliance, tax, insurance and community considerations make development more precarious with increased medical services offered. A specialized approach to public partnerships, design, and project management is required. Above all, a clear path must be diligently researched, planned and executed in order to avoid costly errors and successfully launch a profitable and sustainable property.

For these reasons, nothing beats industry experience. Listening to objective sources, building relationships with healthcare networks and community regulators, and navigating the complex financing scenarios involved with medical campuses and senior care communities are all paramount to successful developments.

Inception Property Group is that experienced, connected team which guides projects from feasibility and planning to operation and sustainable profitability. Our team is among the most experienced medical properties including hospitals, post-acute care facilities and senior living developers in America.

Inception Properties core competencies include:

-Design and guide the project’s vision, objectives and goals pertaining to construction, business management and lifestyle accommodation for residents.

-Detailed financial planning including budgets for pre-finance activities, construction costs, soft costs and the long process of licensing and permitting.

-Building world class management teams in development, financing activities and operations management for each project.

-Negotiating favorable acquisition, construction and operating agreements.
Regulatory guidance.

-Infrastructure development including accounting systems, EMR and HIPAA compliance and communication networks.