Medical Community Development
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Specialized Design Considerations

Inception Property’s expertise in medical facility and community development includes knowledge of how a facility itself is a key component to effective all-around care. Research shows that several factors in medical facility design measurably contribute to shortened length of stay and overall patient and staff happiness. Some of these design principles include:

Provide single-bed rooms whenever possible. Adaptable-acuity single-bed rooms should be widely adopted. Single rooms have been shown to lower nosocomial infections, reduce room transfers and associated medical errors, greatly lessen noise, improve patient confidentiality and privacy, facilitate social support by families, improve staff communication to patients, and increase patients’ overall satisfaction with health care.

-New healthcare facilities with overnight stays should be much quieter to reduce stress and improve sleep and other outcomes. Noise levels will be substantially lowered by the following combination of environmental interventions: providing single-bed rooms, installing high-performance sound-absorbing ceilings, and eliminating noise sources (for example, using noiseless paging).

-Provide patients stress reducing access to nature and other positive pastimes.

Wayfinding systems that allow users, and particularly outpatients and visitors, to find their way efficiently and with little stress. Improve ventilation through the use of improved filters, attention to appropriate pressurization, and special vigilance during construction.

Improve lighting, especially access to natural lighting and full-spectrum lighting.

Design ward layouts and nurses stations to reduce staff walking and fatigue, increase patient care time, and support staff activities such as medication supply, communication, charting, and respite from stress.

Our provider partners are some of the leading firms in this next generation approach to integrating design and technology as components of care. In the same way, our IT partners have developed some of the latest and most comprehensive systems planning that speeds up processing time, creates efficiencies and contributes overall to BETTER CARE for patients and residents of our properties.

-Proprietary Artificial Intelligence support to care providers
-Advanced networks for easy information flow
-HIPAA compliant intranet and extranet systems
-Paperless EMR systems